Rivet / Head Styles

Simple to install and known for their holding power, Marson Klik-Fast® rivets come in a range of styles, sizes, and materials.  Choose from open-end, closed-end, multi-grip, and many more, in combinations of steel, aluminum, stainless, copper, and brass.

Head Styles Features/Benefits
  • Open-end buttonhead rivets offer the broadest selection of sizes available
Large Flange
  • Provides greater bearing surface for fastening soft and brittle facing materials and  oversize facing holes
  • Works well with soft materials, where the increased flange diameter protects the integrity of the application
  • Low profile head diameter is twice the rivet body diameter, providing adequate bearing surface for nearly all applications
  • 120° countersunk rivets for applications where flush appearance is required
Rivet Styles Features/Benefits Materials Available
Open End
  • For blind fastening where there is no access to opposite side of work
  • Simple to install
  • Wide variety of head styles and lengths available from
    332" to 1⁄4" diameters
Steel/steel, Aluminum/aluminum, Aluminum/steel, Stainless/stainless, Stainless/steel, Copper/brass, Copper/steel
Closed End
  • Moisture-resistant due to tight seal
  • Greater shear and tensile strength
  • Mandrel is retained 100% of time
  • 1⁄8" to 1⁄4" diameters
Aluminum/steel, Aluminum/aluminum, Stainless/stainless
  • Extended grip range capacity
  • Reduces inventory (fewer sizes required)
  • Use as a standard open end rivet
  • 1⁄8" to 3⁄16" diameters
Aluminum/steel, Steel/steel
  • Permanently retained mandrel provides increased and tensile values
  • Use in high vibration applications
  • Provides weather-resistant joint
  • Available in 3⁄16" and 1⁄4" diameters
Steel/steel, Aluminum/aluminum, Stainless/stainless
  • High clamp up
  • High shear strength
  • Creates a wide bearing surface
  • 1⁄4" diameter
Special Application Rivets
  • Small flange rivet used primarily for fastening decorative materials on boats, automobiles, trucks & other motor vehicles
  • Best suited to applications where a discreet, secure installation of non-critical components is needed.
Stainless/steel, Aluminum/aluminum
  • Precision-molded, all-nylon
  • Secure lock prevents pull-out
  • Fasten plastic to plastic, plastic to  metal or plastic to fiberglass