Huck Air-Driven Tools and Kits

Huck 255
Sized for high-speed production applications, the 255 installs up to 20 fasteners per minute. It provides optimum stroke for one-cycle installations, and in-line piston for extended tool life.
Huck 2025
Ideal for production applications, the Huck 2025 weighs just 7.75 lbs. (2.608 kg) without the nose assembly. The 2025 installs up to 1/4” blind bolts and 1/4” lockbolts, while delivering a pull pressure of 5,290 psi (25.531 Kn).
Huck 256
The high-speed Super LockForce 256 production tool features optimum stroke for one-cycle installations and in-line piston for extended tool life. Factory tested for 2,000 cycles, the 256 has chrome plated piston rods to extend seal life.

Truck Cab Kit
For virtually any truck brand or cab style containing Huck or similar fasteners, this one kit does it all. The Huck Truck Cab Kit provides everything a shop technician needs to pull the Huck fasteners most commonly used in heavy-duty truck cabs; a production-grade Huck 2025 pneudraulic tool and complete assortment of interchangeable nose assemblies.

Capacity and Nosepiece Information
The Huck Truck Cab Kit offers 5,290 pounds of pull capacity (23.5 kN), and installs fastener diameters up to 1/4”. The kit also includes the following nose assemblies: 3/16” Magna-Lok (99-3303); 1/4” Magna-Lok (99-3305); 3/16” Magna-Grip (99-1456); 1/4” Magna-Grip (99-1458); and 3/16” C6L (99-3003).