Huck Manual Tools and Kits

Huck PR-75

A durable, patented tool that installs plastic rivets up to 6.6 millimeters in diameter in a single stroke. Efficiently designed for one-hand operation, the PR-75 avoids breaking the rivet stem prematurely, and is able to reach areas inaccessible to level-type tools.



Huck PR-75K

The kit includes PR-75 Quick-Set Riveter, carrying case, and four rivet starter packages: 5-millimeter plastic rivets for Ford and GM applications (Huck part number 205300); 5-milllimeter plastic rivets for Chrysler applications (Huck part number 205303); 6.3-millimeter plastic rivets for Chrysler, Ford, and GM applications (Huck part number 205301); 6.6-millimeter plastic rivets for GM applications (Huck part number 205302).



Huck Plastic Rivets

Part No. Description
205175 PLASTIC RIVET5 mm Ford & GM (100)
205176 PLASTIC RIVET 6.3 mm Ford, GM, Chrysler (100)
205177 PLASTIC RIVET GM (100)
205178 PLASTIC RIVET 5mm Chrysler (10)
205325 PLASTIC RIVET 5 mm Ford & GM (20)
205326 PLASTIC RIVET 6.3 mm Ford, GM, Chrysler (20)
205327 PLASTIC RIVET GM (20)
205328 PLASTIC RIVET 5 mm Chrysler (20)


Huck AK-175

Built for maintenance and repair applications in the shop or in the field, the Huck AK-175 riveter is compact and lightweight at only 26 oz. Despite its lightweight, it develops 3,500 pounds of pulling force. Highly versatile, the AK-175 features a unique jaw system allowing setting of rivets from 1/8” through 1/4” using changeable nosepieces.



Huck HK-150

The Huck HK150 is an easy-to-use, lightweight (18 oz.) riveter. Ideal for repair and maintenance applications, the manually operated, hydraulically powered HK-150 can efficiently install rivets from 3/32” through 1/4”.




Designed to crimp U.S. and Imperial nutserts into thin metal sheeting, the 205400 includes master shaft assembly and turn nut, 1/4-20 and 10-24 pull-up studs and driving anvils.


This comprehensive kit crimps metric nutserts into thin metal sheeting. It includes master shaft assembly and turn nut, as well as 6mm and 8mm pull-up studs and driving anvils.

AFS offers a wide range of pull-up studs and anvils, both metric and imperial. For more information please consult the price list.


A Nose-Extension Kit, the 205490 provides extra 2.5 inch capacity where you need it most. The kit includes nose extensions for both the HK-150 and the AK-175.