NES Thread Repair Systems

NES Studsaver™ – Versatile External Re-Threading Tool

The NES Studsaver™  automatically adjusts to any thread diameter and pitch and is easily adaptable to any kind of thread—inch or metric, left hand or right hand, fine or coarse threads. The Studsaver requires no prior measurement of the thread, and unlike dies, it allows repair below the damaged section. The Studsaver can be purchased in one size or in a kit that includes a carrying case, three sizes of Studsavers, one set each of 60 degree replacement blades, internal thread cleaner, and an extension rod.

Using the Studsaver

Open  Turn handle to raise blades.  Place Studsaver over bolt to be repaired.

Close  Turn handle to lower blades into grooves of threads and lightly tighten.

Rotate  Rotate Studsaver in direction of arrow.

NES ReTHRED—The Adjustable Internal Re-Threading Tool

The ReTHRED is adjustable to any diameter or pitch in the size range and is suitable for metric or inch threads, fine or coarse. The tool’s blade is guided by undamaged threads to accurately groove the damaged threads. No thread measurement is required. Blades are also available in 55° for BSP and BSW threadforms.

Using the ReTHRED

Retract Blade  Turn knurled knob to fully retract the blade into the housing.
Insert the tool into the threaded hole or bore.

Extend Blade  Turn knurled knob to extend blade into a thread groove on an
undamaged section and hand tighten.

Rethread  Rotate ReTHRED by the cross-bar.