Spark Plug Port Repair Kits

There is a Fix-A-Thred product for almost any spark plug type.  Our standard Fix-A-Thred Spark Plug Port Repair Kit, featuring stainless steel wire inserts, is designed to repair any gasketed spark plug port (for sizes M10-1, M12-1.25, M14-1.25, M18-1.5).  Another Fix-A-Thred product, the Plug-Saver® Spark Plug Port Thread Repair Kit, uses solid steel inserts to repair the plug ports for both taperseat and gasketed plugs.

Ford Triton Plug-Saver® Kit (Part No. 98140T)

There is a Fix-A-Thred Plug-Saver kit designed to specifically repair the spark plug ports in 4.6, 5.4, and 6.8 liter Ford Triton engines. This specially designed M14-1.25 Plug-Saver kit ensures the permanent repair of the spark plug port threads in the Triton engine by providing a mechanically locked solid repair sleeve insert between the threads in the head and the “half-thread” taperseat spark plug. The Triton Engine Kit comes with a handy carrying case providing all parts necessary for quick and easy repair — piloted reamer tap, tap extension, installation tool, and 8 inserts.

Plug-Saver® Kit (Part No. 98141)

Designed to repair M14-1.25 spark plug ports with no drilling required, the Plug-Saver repair system has long been the choice of professional mechanics and engine rebuilders.  Available in three thread lengths, the Plug-Saver insert’s mechanical locking system ensures permanent installation. Using Fix-A-Thred Plug-Saver systems is both quick and easy, and every kit includes three different length inserts, a pilot tap, and expanding tool.

  • Repairs worn, damaged, or stripped threads.
  • Can be successfully used with any alloy or cast-iron head.
  • Kits available to fit M14-1.25 spark plug port threads, gasketed or tapered.
  • Designed for use with almost any engine—automotive, motorcycle, marine, outdoor power equipment, and more.

Using Fix-A-Thred Plug-Saver® Kits (Solid Inserts)

Tap Pack tap with heavy grease. Hand start tap. Then turn with socket wrench to tap hole full depth. Remove chips from hole.

Select Insert Make certain selected insert is same length as the threads on the spark plug. The knurled end of the insert should be at the top of the spark plug hole. Coat outside threads with a high-temperature RTV silicone.

Install Insert Screw insert in until flush with top of threaded hole. Insertion may be more easily facilitated by using the spark plug where the hole is recessed.

Finish Installation Place expansion tool into insert and hit several times to expand the knurl. Install the spark plug to recommended torque. Do not run engine until sealant has set (refer to manufacturer’s specifications).