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Fix-A-Thred® Thread Repair Products

Whether it’s repairing spark plug port threads, manifolds, oil pans, oxygen sensors, or any other aftermarket application, you’ll get your fix with Fix-A-Thred® products.

Easy installation and proven reliability have made Fix-A-Thred the thread repair product of choice for professionals.  Manufactured by Alcoa Fastening Systems, Fix-A-Thred kits’ 18-8 stainless steel inserts set the standard for rugged durability and product quality.

For over 20 years, professional mechanics and do-it-yourselfers have counted on Fix-A-Thred’s high level of dependable performance and quality.  And today, mechanics and do-it-yourselfers alike are making Fix-A-Thred one of the fastest growing thread repair product lines in the industry.

Ideal for automotive, truck, motorcycle, marine, snow mobile, lawn and garden equipment, and more, the Fix-A-Thred product line includes:

  • Inch and Metric Thread Repair Kits
  • ProSet™ Repair Kits
  • Plug-Saver™ Spark PlugThread Repair Kits
  • Specialized Plug-Saver Kits for Ford Triton Engines
  • Oxygen Sensor Thread Repair Kits
  • Specialty Repair Kits for Motorcycles & Outdoor Power Equipment
  • Heavy-Duty Keysert® Solid Bushing Repair Inserts
  • NES Thread Chasers
  • Drill-Out Broken Bolt and Stud Extractors
  • Metric Head Bolt Thread Repair Kits - NEW

Built for strength and versatility, the Fix-A-Thred line of repair products provides a fix designed to stay fixed, year after year.

New - Introducing the Fix-A-Thred® Metric Head Bolt Thread Repair Kits

FAT Metric Head Bolt Thread Repair Kit

If you are looking for a value-priced alternative for Metric Head Bolt Repair kits, you have come to the right place.

Fix-A-Thred® M11 X 1.5 Metric Head Bolt Repair kits are designed to repair 4.0 and 4.2-liter General Motor® engines, along with many popular import brands, including Honda® and Toyota®. These kits include everything needed to quickly repair stripped head bolt threads - drill bit, steel tap, installation tool, and high-strength stainless steel inserts - all packaged in a hard shell case to easy storage. Part Number 35119S

Download the Metric Head Bolt FAT Flyer

How it Works

Fix-A-Thred inserts are made from high-quality, 18-8 (type 304) diamond-shaped stainless steel wire. While the inserts are slightly larger in diameter than the tapped hole, the insert is compressed during installation, and then expands, permanently locking it into place. The spring-like design of the insert spreads the load over the entire bolt and the hole, reducing stud fracture and increasing holding or pull-out strength.

As Fix-A-Thred inserts expand, the fastening assembly is dramatically strengthened, and dependability is greatly increased.

Installing the Inserts

Drill  If needed, the damaged threads are drilled out to prepare for the tap.

Tap Using the correct size STI (Screw Thread Insert) tap and new 3-way tool, rethread the hole to accommodate the insert.

Install With collar flush to the insert, wind the insert in with a light downward pressure until the top coil is to turn below the surface. Drive the tang downward toward the bottom of the hole. The driving collar should be set so that with insert compressed, the driving tang doesn’t touch bottom of slot.

Remove Tang To use the original size fastener, the tang must be removed. Remove the tool and sit back on top of tang. Tap down sharply. Do not try to twist tang off!

Note: For Spark plug port repairs and large fine threads, use long needle nose pliers to remove the tang.  For larger holes or when higher strength is required, inserts can be stacked for additional strength.  Insert length is 1.5 times diameter (e.g.: 1/2” thread diameter is 3/4” long). For specialty applications, inserts are available to order in 1D and 2D lengths.